About Marcos Cabrera:

Marcos Cabrera is a Barcelona based artis - illustrator and graphic designer.

He designs posters, art prints, merchandise, album art full of strange imagery with a penchant for monsters and the macabre.

His work is highly influenced by the skateboard and surf lifestyles, and by the sub-cultures of punk rock and hardcore. Monsters, zombies, screaming demon vomiting skulls that will eat your brains are some of the creepy horrors oozing around his illustrations.

Some of the latests Marcos’s clients are Desigual, Pabst BLue Ribbon, Bethesda, The Kooples, Last Tour International, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Vans, EMI Spain, House of Marley, Vice Magazine, G-Shock, Resurrection Fest, Converse , Boss Gear, IronFist, Long Island Longboards, Jart Skateboards or Total Guitar Magazine.